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Why must my default card be Visa or Mastercard?

As a number of billers do not accept American Express (Amex) credit cards, your default card must be a Visa or Mastercard. For those billers that do accept Amex, you may set Amex as your preferred payment method by following these steps:

Navigate to the ‘Payment Methods’ tab, click the plus icon on the right side of the page and enter your Amex card details. To then link this card with a biller that accepts AMEX payments, click the ‘My Billers’ tab at the top of the page, choose your biller and select your Amex card in the ‘Preferred Payment Method’ bar.

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      Gobbill accepts any Australian (domestic) issued Visa and/or Mastercard credit and debit cards to pay your bills. It's a great way to quickly earn reward points from your credit card provider. NOTE: Where a biller accepts Amex online, we are able to ...
    • Can I pay my bill with a debit card?

      Yes! You can you pay your bill with a debit card or credit card. Simply link your debit card to your preferred billers on Gobbill. Refer to article How do I add another [credit/debit] card to my account?
    • Can I pay my bills using my American Express card?

      You can pay bills using your American Express (Amex) card if the biller accepts Amex payments.  To add an Amex card to your Gobbill account, navigate to the 'Payment Methods' tab, click the plus icon on the right and add your card details.
    • Is Gobbill free?

      Yes, Gobbill is free! Our free Gobbill Personal plan has a number of convenient options for users, including 5 free bill payments per month, 1 additional authorised email address, and you can link your credit card or bank account.  If you wish to ...
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      By default, Gobbill does not accept late bills. However, by changing the "Late Bill Arrival Processing" setting, Business plan users can send bills up to 30 days late (after the due date) and up to 7 days late (after the due date) for the Personal ...