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            Can I change my account details?

            Yes, you can change some account details, add or change a mobile number and change your password.
            1. Click on the User Profile icon on the top-right corner of the dashboard 
            Change your Account Details.

            Click on the icons on the bottom of your screen to change or update your: 
            1. Address
            2. Phone number
            3. Preferences
            4. Password
            Add or Change your Mobile number.

            Click on the phone icon to open the add/edit screen.
            1. Enter your mobile number in format +614xxxxxxxx and click the " Get verification code " button
            2. The code will be sent to your mobile within 10 seconds
            3. Enter the verification code and click the " Confirm your mobile " button
            Change your Password.

            Click on the key icon to open the change password screen.
            1. Enter your current password
            2. Enter your new password (twice)
            3. Click the " Save/Close " button 
            Click on User Profile icon to access settings.

            Updated: 01 Mar 2019 07:01 PM
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