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            What are my account details?

            To see your account details:
            1. Click on the 'User Profileicon on the top-right corner of the page 
            From here you can see your 
            1. Plan details 
            2. Your primary email address
              • This is the email you signed up with and is the email Gobbill sends notifications to
            3. Your username
            4. Your Account number
              • This is used in the Gobbill bill you receive after you top up your account
            5. Your Gobbill email address
            6. Your Mobile number (if entered)
              • Some billers require a mobile number before a payment can be made
              • If you add one of these billers we will send you a notification advising that we require your mobile number
              • To add your mobile number, click on the phone icon to open the add / edit mobile screen
            7. Your address
              • This is the address you entered when you signed up
            Click on 'User Profile' icon to access profile settings

            Updated: 01 Mar 2019 07:02 PM
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