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            When is the latest I can forward a bill for payment with Gobbill?

            By default, Gobbill does not accept late bills.

            However, by changing the "Late Bill Arrival Processing" setting, Business plan users can send bills up to 30 days late (after the due date) and up to 7 days late (after the due date) for the Personal Plan users. 

            To activate this setting, simply head to "Preferences" and switch the "Late Bills" setting on by clicking the button to the right so it turns green.
            You can deactivate this setting at any time by clicking the same button.

            *Best viewed on desktop

            Step 1 - Go to User Profile on the top right hand corner.
            Step 2 - Under the Preferences section, toggle the Late Bills setting to turn on processing of late bills. 

            How to switch / allow processing of late bills.

            Updated: 01 Mar 2019 06:30 PM
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